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Land records are being maintained for various purposes including levy and collection of various taxes and land revenue, which was the principal source of revenue for the states. Cadastral survey was completed in the year 1960 for the entire state. This survey served as the basis of the land records. Transfer and changeover take place over lands due to Sale, Inheritance, Hier, and Distribution etc. Varsai Entry Online Gujarat (ઓનલાઈન વારસાઈ) 


How Apply From Varsai Entry Online?

My method of applying for inheritance note on i-ORA portal
1 To make a new application, first go to the i-ORA portal of the department ( વરસાઈ નોંધ કરવા માટેની કાર્યપધ્ધતિ ,Varsai Online


Click Click on “ONLINE APPLICATIONS” in the menu on the main page of the i-ORA portal or the main page

Click on “Inheritance Note” mentioned above.
The application was for “application in respect of title deed” and the type of application was “to file an inheritance note in the claim.
Select Application ”.

Select the district, taluk and village in which the district, taluk and village account number is to be applied.

Note: – If there is more than one account number, apply separately for each account number.

Enter the applicant’s mobile number and e-mail.
Read the numbered captcha code displayed on the screen and enter it in the text box below.

If you do not read the captcha code, click on “Refresh Code” so that the new captcha code appears on the screen.

After entering the captcha code, click on “Generate OTP”. Entered by the applicant by generating OTP

Different verification codes are available on mobile numbers and e-mails.

Enter the different verification codes received on the mobile number and e-mail in the specified text boxClick on “Submit”.

Click After clicking on “Submit”, the prompt to fill in the details of the application for inheritance note opens.

10 Enter all the details related to the application.
Important Truth: –
A) Enter all the details of the issue in the Unicode last night.
B) More information about Yavankodi can be found on the main page of i-ORA portal.

11 After entering all the details related to the application, click on “Save Application”.

13 As soon as the application is saved, a single application is filed and all the details of the submitted application can be seen on the screen.

Note the appropriate place for this youth application. You can also get this number on mobile and e-mail.

Click on “Edit Application” if you see any improvement after reading the details shown on the screen.

Update the details of the application and then click on “Update Application” to update the details.

12 If all the details related to the application are correct then click on “Confirm Application”.

Important Truth: –
A) Once the application is completed, no details related to the application will be issued.

B) Re-apply if the application is found to be correct even after the application has been completed.

12 After completing the application, click on “Print Application” and print the application form.

12 Application form printed from i-ORA portal will be accepted. This inhabitant created in no other way

If the application form states that your note is not interesting, special note should be taken.

12 Go to the “Upload Document Center” page on the new application page and submit the application form, death certificate,
Upload firmware and other required documents. Varsai Nondh Gujarat, Varsai Entry Online Gujarat

Note: – The names of the documents to be uploaded here are available in three colors.
A) Documents for uploading in red
B) Documents for uploading in blue
C) Uploaded Documents in green

14 Uploading all the required documents will show the “Generate Mutation” button.

13 Click on “Generate Mutation” to match the mobile number and e-mail entered by the applicant.

Get a verification code. Enter this verification code in the text box and click on “Submit”.

20 Clicking on “Submit” generates a note on the title deed and accesses it. Print it.

21 Thus the application process for online application is completed and your application is sent to the e-Dhara Center of the Taluka.
Submit for further processing.

True No: – Original Application Form, Original Death Certificate, Copy of Genealogy, Receipt of Note Generated Kyat and other
Necessary documents which have to be delivered to Tetalku’s e-Dhara Center in person / by registered post within maximum 15 days. Varsai Entry Online Gujarat

Main steps related to the submitted application such as “to complete the application”, “to confirm the application”, “to print the application”.

And “to upload the document”, select the “Registered Application” option on each of these steps.

Number, mobile number and e-mail.
The status of the application and the details of the deadline will be covered by sending the mobile and e-mail in time. Varsai Nodh Gujarat, Varsai Entry Online Gujarat

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