Unique health card | National Digital Health Mission scheme


Unique health card : PM Modi likely to launch National Digital Health Mission scheme this month


Unique health card like Aadhaar now, In which you will have complete medical record, go to any hospital in the country, all your previous reports will be available there

The card will also have details of doctor, healthcare worker, lab, chemist,


The central government has completed preparations to create a unique health ID card. This card will contain all the health related information. Even if you go to another state or city, you will not need to take your medical reports with you, as your complete medical history will be recorded in the health card. Prime Minister Narendra Modi may launch the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) this month.

It will have details from doctors, hospitals, labs and chemists. Its pilot project started last year in Andaman-Nicobar, Chandigarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Diu-Daman, Ladakh and Lakshadweep. Unique cards have started to be made in these states. The scheme will now be launched across the country.

Only after you share the OTP will the doctor be able to see all the details of your card-R. S. Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, National Health Authority

How to make a health card?

The NDHM Health Record (PHR app) will be available on Google Playstore as soon as the plan is announced. It will register. The unique ID will be 14 digits.

Where and how can those who do not have a smartphone get a health card?

The card will be issued at a registered government-private hospital, community health center, primary health center, wellness center, common service center etc. There general details like name, date of birth, mobile number will be asked.

What are the benefits of Unique Health Card?

The card will record all the information about your health in digital format. The entire medical history will be updated. If you go to a hospital for treatment, you will find all the old records there in digital format. If you go to a hospital in another city, the data can also be viewed through a unique card, so that doctors will have easier access to treatment, as well as save time-money spent on new reports or preliminary investigations.

How will the details be recorded in the card?

Once the card is created, you will have to manually scan and upload all previous reports, but all future reports will be uploaded automatically. E.g. If you are examined at a dispensary or hospital, its reports will be linked to the card by a unique 14 digit number registered in your unique ID card. NDHM personnel at the hospital will be present to assist you.

What details will the card contain?

It will contain all the information about your medical record. Until then, what effect did the last medicine have on you and if not, why did the medicine change? This will make it much easier for the doctor to understand the case during treatment.

How to get data in another city?

The data will be in the data center, not in the hospital, which can be seen by the card. Assume that this card will be as important to you as the Aadhaar card if you go anywhere for treatment.

Can anyone see the health data?

No. The data in the card can be seen only when you share its OTP and OTP is generated only when the 14 digit number of the card is registered in the registered hospice or computer. The data will then appear on the OTP screen, but it cannot be copied or transferred. Then when the data of the second patient is found the data of the first patient will be locked, who will have to give OTP again to see again.

So can’t data be transferred?

It can happen, but only when you allow it. If someone wants to transfer or view your data, they will ask you for an OTP. Data will not appear if you do not allow it.

Will it be mandatory to create a health card?

Will not be mandatory. Whether you want to make a card or not will depend on your wishes.

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