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21stcentury is the digital century because now a day we can see the many things are online and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi also promotes digital India.


You know we can easily get the many kinds of government documents online in our Gujarat. Now you are thinking HOW? Then your answer is only one “Digital Gujarat

What is Digital Gujarat?

Digital Gujarat is the one type of online portal that is developed by the Government of Gujarat and reason behind of this portal is only one that citizens of a state can easily get the number of services related to the government of Gujarat. We can get all the documents that are issued by the Government of Gujarat for citizens of Gujarat. Digital Gujarat portal provides a many things not only documents. Students can easily get the scholarship from this portal; People can get the information about Gujarat Tourism and also book the tours on Digital Gujarat, People can easily get the information about the investment in Gujarat etc… These types of many services are providing by the Digital Gujarat portal which are listed below.Digital Gujarat


Services Provided by Digital Gujarat:

·         Digital Gujarat Registration

·         Aadhar Card

·         PAN Card

·         Election Card

·         Ration Card

·         Digital Locker

·         Citizen Services

·         Property Card

·         Vehicle Registration Details

·         Income Certificate

Other Services provided by Digital Gujarat:

·         Panchayat Services

·         Employment Services

·         Students Related Services

·         Revenue Services

·         Tourism Services

·         Business Related Services

·         Government Policy

·         Scholarship Services

Digital Gujarat Portal (Features)

Digital Gujarat portal offers various kinds of services that can be available for the citizen of Gujarat state. Here we can try to list some features for the citizen of Gujarat.

·         Digital Gujarat offers a facility to the citizen of Gujarat to applies and Register some services online easily.

·         Here citizen of Gujarat can request a service, make a payment, get services approval and service delivery.

·         The portal provides all the services at one place like all citizen services, Revenue services, employment services, panchayat services and most of the business services can be available for citizens of Gujarat.

·         This portal provides much different type of department vise services and all the citizen of Gujarat can easily access them.

Services for Citizen of Gujarat

The below services are for a citizen of Gujarat that can be used through the Digital Gujarat portal.

·         Character Certificate

·         Religious Certificate

·         Widow Certificate

·         Senior Citizen Certificate

·         Domicile Certificate

·         Non-Creamy Layer Certificate

·         Caste Certificate (SC/ST/SEBC)

·         Application for Varsai Certificate

·         Farmer Certificate

·         Application for new Ration Card (Also Separate Ration Card, Duplicate Ration Card, Add name in Ration Card etc…)

New User for Registration Process:

Click on Register button on top right side of the portal for who are come the first time on the Digital Gujarat Portal and after that new users need to fill in some required information for registration on the portal.


Whenever you completed your registration process. The portal is ready to use for required services offered by the Government of Gujarat and also citizens of Gujarat can check the status of the Applications.



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